Structuring the Argument: Multidisciplinary research on verb argument structure
Old Northumbrian Verbal Morphosyntax and the (Northern) Subject Rule
Virtuelle Patient, Der
Effet de Polyamines Sur LActivite Photosynthetique
Essential Vulnerabilities: Plato and Levinas on Relations to the Other
Between Mutiny and Obedience: The Case of the French Fifth Infantry Division during World War I
Demand Functions and the Slutsky Matrix. (PSME-7), Volume 7
EGLR 2014 V1
The Oil Palm
The Three Genres and the Interpretation of Lyric
The Praeger Handbook of Social Justice and Psychology [3 volumes]
Civil Engineering and Urban Planning III
Suburbs under Siege: Race, Space, and Audacious Judges
Keats: The Myth of the Hero
The Civil Wars in Chile: (or The Bourgeois Revolutions that Never Were)
History as a Visual Art in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance
Crosses on the Ballot: Patterns of British Voter Alignment since 1885
The Structure of Thucydides History
Laboratory Manual for Anatomy and Physiology 5e Binder Ready Version with PowerPhys 3.0 Password Card Set
APLS Spanish: Medicina De Emergencies Pedi tricas
Lucretius on Death and Anxiety: Poetry and Philosophy in DE RERUM NATURA
Landlords and Tenants in Imperial Rome
The Oxford Handbook of Depression and Comorbidity
Prophecy and Reason: The Dutch Collegiants in the Early Enlightenment
Milton and the Martial Muse: Paradise Lost and European Traditions of War
Persuading John Bull: Union and Confederate Propaganda in Britain, 1860-65
Keepers of the Flame: The Role of Fire in American Culture, 1775-1925
Evolving Patterns In Global Trade And Finance
The Galitzin Quartets of Beethoven: Opp. 127, 132, 130
Good Families of Barcelona: A Social History of Power in the Industrial Era
The Didactic Muse: Scenes of Instruction in Contemporary American Poetry
High-Resolution XAS/XES: Analyzing Electronic Structures of Catalysts
Ancient Scripts and Modern Experience on the English Stage, 1500-1700
The Iconography of the Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus: Neofitus Iit Ad Deum
Fictions in Autobiography: Studies in the Art of Self-Invention
Chen Duxiu, Founder of the Chinese Communist Party
The Rise and Fall of Chilean Christian Democracy
The Visual Arts, Pictorialism, and the Novel: James, Lawrence, and Woolf
Power in Numbers: The Political Strategy of Protest and Rebellion
International Incidents: The Law That Counts in World Politics
Taming the Bureaucracy: Muscles, Prayers, and Other Strategies
Sacred Rhetoric: The Christian Grand Style in the English Renaissance
Galbraith, Harrington, Heilbroner: Economics and Dissent in an Age of Optimism
Petains Jewish Children: French Jewish Youth and the Vichy Regime, 1940-1942
Modernist Poetics of History: Pound, Eliot, and the Sense of the Past
The Nature of Socialist Economics: Lessons from Eastern European Foreign Trade
Shakespeare and the Dramaturgy of Power
The State and Political Theory
Advertising to Children: New Directions, New Media

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